Entry #1

Welcome to my… uhm… profile?

2013-11-30 19:26:07 by InsideYourHead

I don't have too much to say. I like writing stories. I don't know how to animate, and when I ask people to help me by animating, they always answer "NO U DUMB FUK I HATE YA NO 1 WANTCHA U FATASS MUTHAFUCKA" so… yeah. I'm feeling lonely. That's it.


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2013-12-01 09:20:20

aww man :\ being lonely is bad :(
animating isn't that hard you know , i'm not that good but i can teach you few tricks ^^ what kind of stuff you wanna animate

InsideYourHead responds:

Oh, I just bought a Bamboo Drawing Tablet, and, I think I will make some animations :D
(I really hate using the mouse to draw, and, that was my big problem)