The Mind of Alec

2014-01-18 12:35:30 by InsideYourHead

I need programmers and a artist who does pixel-art for the background! For more information about the project (game), click here:


2013-12-18 23:27:41 by InsideYourHead

Hello there, guys! So, I will make a new video, "SYLVIA". I needed two voice actress to voice Sylvia.

Voice Actors:

RiverK as Joshua

SketchEffect as Richard

??? as Sylvia


2013-12-17 22:03:47 by InsideYourHead

Hello guys! So, I am making a sketch comedy video called "MERRY X-MAS", and, the video is going to be recorded inside Minecraft and I need 3 people to voice act on it. If you want to help me (by voice acting), please, send me your demo reel. Thank you.


I need help…

2013-12-01 21:44:51 by InsideYourHead

I'm thinking about making an animation to introduce myself… but, thing is… I hate my voice, I have a bad microphone and I suck at drawing backgrounds for my animations. So, if you are a voice actor or a background artist, send me a PM.
Thank you,
-Gabriel (a.k.a InsideYourHead)

I don't have too much to say. I like writing stories. I don't know how to animate, and when I ask people to help me by animating, they always answer "NO U DUMB FUK I HATE YA NO 1 WANTCHA U FATASS MUTHAFUCKA" so… yeah. I'm feeling lonely. That's it.